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Stream Routes with Kittle Numbers and Mile Measures: Minnesota

This is a feature class of <b>measured stream routes</b> and is a core feature class within the <a href="../../water_dnr_hydrography/metadata/dnr_hydrography_dataset.html "><b>DNR Hydrography Dataset</b>.</a> A "route" is an ESRI linear feature type created through a process called <i>Dynamic Segmentation</i>. Each stream route is labeled with a unique stream ID (i.e., DNR Fisheries Kittle Number) and has mile measures extending from the stream mouth (FROM_MEAS, mile=0) to headwaters (TO_MEAS, mile=total stream length). DNR Kittle Numbers follow a drainage-branching format (e.g., X-000-000-000...) and are assigned to all Fisheries-managed streams (see attribute field [VALID] = 'Y'). Additional streams have been labeled with "dummy" kittle numbers in order to provide a unique ID (VALID = 'N'). For more information about the DNR Kittle Number stream identification system, see the <b>Fisheries Stream Survey Manual - DNR Special Report #165</b></a>,<i> Appendix 3 - page 234 (or page 251 in Adobe PDF Reader)</i> at:
Minnesota Geospatial Commons
Minnesota, United States
Inland Waters
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