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What's In My Neighborhood Sites: Minnesota

The MPCA's What's in My Neighborhood contains a wide variety of environmental information about your community. This includes potentially contaminated sites, permits, licenses, registrations, inspections, and closed enforcement activities. Potentially contaminated sites: Since the early 1980s when major federal and state cleanup programs were created, the MPCA has been aggressively searching for and helping to clean up contaminated properties, from very small to large. This website contains a searchable inventory of those properties, as well as sites that have already been cleaned up and those currently being investigated or cleaned up. Environmental permits and registrations: This Web application also contains a searchable inventory of businesses that have applied for and received different types of environmental permits and registrations from the MPCA. Methods for creating site locations have different levels of precision. The most accurate locations use coordinates from GPS (global positioning system). Coordinates are also derived using the site's street address, zip code or public land survey information. Some MPCA sites are not mapped. These are generally activities that are mobile, like ships with ballast water permits.
Minnesota Geospatial Commons
Minnesota, United States
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