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Department of Natural Resources Hydrography - Large Lakes in: Minnesota

This layer shows the 10 large lakes involved in the <b>Minnesota DNR Fisheries Large Lake Program</b>. These lakes have surface areas greater than 15,000 acres and are some of the state's best walleye-producing lakes. These lakes undergo annual population assessments and also have regular creel surveys and research done by Fisheries staff. <b>NOTE - Exceptions are as follows:</b> <i>Red Lake</i> - the western 60,000 acres of the upper Red Lake basin and all of the lower Red Lake basin are managed by the Red Lake Indian Reservation, not MNDNR. (MNDNR manages the eastern 48,000 acres of the upper basin only.) The <i>non-MN portions of Lake of the Woods and Lake Pepin</i> are not managed by MNDNR. They are included in this dataset for mapping purposes only. <i>Namakan Lake</i> - this lake <u>is</u> greater than 15,000 acres, but is not part of the Large Lake program and is not included in this data set.
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Minnesota, United States
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