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Great Streets Eligible Areas: Minneapolis, Minnesota, 2015

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This dataset indicates areas designated as eligible for resources provided through the Great Streets Neighborhood Business District Program. Eligible areas were designated in The Minneapolis Plan for Sustainable Growth and consist of Activity Centers, Commercial Nodes, Commercial Corridors, and LRT Station Areas. Exact parcel boundaries of Activity Centers and Commercial Nodes are identified in The Minneapolis Plan. Commercial Corridor areas are generally defined as a one block radius from designated corridors. LRT Station Areas are defined as a mile radius from each LRT station outside of downtown. Some staff discretion was used in determining precise boundaries for Commercial Corridors and LRT Station Areas in cases where roadways or other natural boundaries made exact definitions unclear. Each area is categorized based on a number of metrics used to determine its economic health and opportunity. Varying levels of Great Streets program resources are available, based on this categorization.
City of Minneapolis, Minnesota
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Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States and Minnesota, United States
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