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Institutional Control Sites: Indiana

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Indiana Department of Environmental Management, Office of Land Quality
INSTITUTIONAL_CONTROLS_IDEM_IN is a polygon shapefile that contains Institutional Control (IC) site locations in Indiana, provided by personnel of Indiana Department of Environmental Management, Office of Land Quality (IDEM, OLQ) as of March 17, 2009 and subsequently updated on June 4, 2009, August 12, 2009, October 20, 2009, November 18, 2009, December 16, 2009, April 16, 2010, December 12, 2011, February 20, 2012, April 10, 2012, January 9, 2013, April 5, 2013, June 5, 2013, August 7, 2013, December 5, 2013, May 13, 2014, September 16, 2014, and February 25, 2015. The data set provided by IDEM was in an ESRI shapefile format and was named "OLQ_INSTITUTIONAL_CONTROLS_IN.SHP." INSTITUTIONAL_CONTROLS_IDEM_IN.SHP is attributed with facility names, identification numbers, restriction descriptions, and a list of chemical contaminants. The following is excerpted from the metadata provided by IDEM, OLQ for the source shapefile named "OLQ_INSTITUTIONAL_CONTROLS_IN.SHP": "Institutional Control (IC) polygons were created by Coordinate Geometry (COGO) from recorded Environmental Restrictive Covenants (ERCs) and other Institutional Controls (ICs) mandated by the Indiana Department of Environmental Management."
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Indiana, United States
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