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Height Modernization (ILHMP) LiDAR Data: River and Mississippi River South, Illinois: 2011

Wilson & Company, Inc. and Illinois State Geological Survey
This dataset consists of modified FEMA-grade LiDAR point cloud data for the Illinois River floodplain in the following pools: Marseilles Pool (only the portion in La Salle County) Starved Rock Pool Peoria Pool LaGrange Pool Alton Pool The contract used to acquire this data also covered the acquisition of county-wide point clouds for the following counties: Calhoun County, IL Jersey County, IL Union County, IL Alexander County, IL Perry County, MO It also covered the acquisition of floodplain wide point cloud data for the Middle Mississippi River from the confluence with the Illinois River down to the confluence with the Ohio River. The data was collected between the dates of 12/16/2009 and 12/28/2011. The program spanned multiple years and the dynamic nature of the floodplain will likely create surface inconsistencies caused by these temporal differences between flightlines of different dates. Please be aware of these differences while analyzing the data. Wilson & Company and Sanborn Map Company combined to complete acquisition and processing of the LiDAR data.
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Illinois, United States River, Illinois, United States and Illinois, United States
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