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Municipalities: Washington County, Minnesota

Exterior boundary, Annexation boundary, and County boundary coverages are examined to remove all overshoots, unwanted intersections; insure polygons are closed; and to see that there are no missing or duplicate polygon labels. Each symbolic layer is individually examined for completeness. There is no line duplication in exterior or annexation coverages. MCD's with detached or non-contiguous units (polygons) have the same polygon link/label code in each of their units. Completeness in the checking process is examined through the examination and comparison of all detail collected by County Staff. Sources used included: City Clerks, County Auditor's Office, Washington County Historical Courthouse, MN State Historical Society, Secretary of State, Minnesota Municipal Board, and MNDOT.
ArcGIS Open Data and Minnesota Counties
Washington County, Minnesota, United States and Minnesota, United States
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