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Illinois Height Modernization (ILHMP): LiDAR Data: Madison County, Illinois 2014

This dataset is LiDAR point cloud data and derivative models of Madison County, Illinois. Madison County is approximately 904 square miles in south western Illinois bordering the Mississippi River. The contractual point spacing was to be 1.0 points per square meter, the data collection came in at a nominal pulse spacing (NPS) of 0.7 meter. Data acquisition, processing and assessment is compliant with procedures and methods stated in U.S. Geological Survey National Geospatial Program LiDAR Base Specification Version 1.0 and Federal Emergency Management Agency Procedure Memorandum 61. This dataset consists of LiDAR LAS swath files and tiled LAS files. Tiled LAS files contain LiDAR point information which has been calibrated, controlled, and classified. Tiled LAS and derived data models are named according to the coordinates at the south west corner of the tile. Quantum Spatial Project No: 1140309
Illinois Geospatial Data Clearinghouse
Madison County, Illinois, United States and Illinois, United States
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