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Land Use Calumet County, Wisconsin, 2015

This polygon data layer represents land use for Calumet County, Wisconsin in 2015. It is a feature class within the geodatabase, Calumet_LandUse_2015.gdb.[Land use is a very important aspect of a county, especially when it comes to planning for future and current projects. For Calumet County there are 10 broad categories that land use can fall within. Land use also falls under sub categories, which can be found in the reference booklet or the attribute table of this data. The 10 broad categories are as follows: Agriculture, Other Open Land, Water, Woodlands, Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Utility, Institutional, and Recreational. The full description on how these categories are assigned to a specific land use can be found in the reference booklet. ]
Wisconsin Counties Open Data
Calumet County, Wisconsin, United States and Wisconsin, United States
Planning and Cadastral, Land Use, and Planning
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