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Transit Patterns by Node Segments: Metro Twin Cities, Minnesota

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The Transit Patterns layer contains all fixed patterns serving the Twin Cities regional metropolitan area. A single route has multiple patterns often characterized by different terminals or branches. One shape and one corresponding record exists for each individual node (time point) segment that compose the pattern. Metro Transit defines a node as reference points that make up a route. These are usually street intersections but can be places. Stops are assigned the node id if they are related to the designated intersection or place. At each node location, actual arrival times are recorded and documented in transit systems. Please note that not all stops are assigned a node id. The line work for the dataset was derived from NCompasses Street Centerline and Address Range dataset. A small number of line segments have been added to those available from the NCompass dataset to completely depict all patterns traveled by fixed-route transit vehicles.
Metropolitan Council, Twin Cities, Minnesota
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Minnesota, United States
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