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Land Economic Inventory (Bordner Survey), Wisconsin 2017

The Forest Landscape Ecology Lab (FLEL) at the University of Wisconsin-Madison has collaborated with the WI State Cartographer's Office (SCO) to digitize and create vector geospatial data from the survey maps published through the Bordner Survey (Wisconsin Land Economic Inventory). These maps give insight to what the landscape of Wisconsin looked like at a time of peak deforestation and land abandonment in addition to how this legacy has impacted the current landscape. Furthermore, these maps offer a tool for future landscape management including but not limited to; shore line changes, erosion, reforestation, and wetland restoration. Included in this geodatabase are: economic natural features (points); land use-land cover (polygons); transportation & water infrastructure (lines).A user guide for this data may be found here: (The user guide is also included as a PDF file with the data upon download.)
University of Wisconson-Madison Research Data
Wisconsin, United States
Biota, Economy, Society, and Land cover
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