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Land Use Rock County, Wisconsin, 2010

This polygon data layer represents land use for Rock County, Wisconsin in 2010. It is a feature class within the geodatabase 'Rock_LandUse_2010.gdb'. [The Rock County Land Use Inventory was designed using a Classification System designed by Planning Staff to be able to capture land use traits important in staff decisions. The main purpose of the inventory is to is to descrive what actually takes place in physical or observable terms. The land use classification definitions and a look up table are attached to the metadata as enclosures. To access them, in ArcCatalog click on the metadata properties button on the metadata toolbar.Please note:The classification system in this Inventory is NOT COMPATIBLE with the APA LBCS that was used in the 2000 Land Use Inventory. Users SHOULD NOT use the numerical codes as a basis of analysis between the two data sets.]
Wisconsin Counties Open Data
Rock County, Wisconsin, United States and Wisconsin, United States
Farming, Environment, Planning and Cadastral, Land Use, and Planning
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