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Buildings: Philadephia, Pennsylvania

Planimetric Coverage containing the delineation of buildings or related structure outlines that represent the footprints of these buildings. Building outlines are closed off at tile boundaries by the tile neat line. The layer contains some building names. Building elevations are also included as attributes for each polygon. The polygon outlines of buildings for the entire City, constructed from coverage polylines. Note: many buildings are shown as connected. This includes rowhouses that appear as a single polygon and larger buildings where a determination could not be made. The only attributes included are ID, Area, Perimeter and Feature Code (IFCODE). There are no addresses assigned to these buildings at this time.This is one of the planimetric coverages developed as part of the aerial survey project of 1996 and updated using new aerial photography collected between 25 March 2004 and 23 April 2004.Explicit elevation coordinate included with horizontal coordinates. All data compiled in Philadelphia Vertical Datum (i.e.: NAVD88 elevation minus 4.631 feet) DATA DEVELOPMENT:Sanborn's methods for capturing the building footprint included ariel imagery and the 2004 DEM. KEY ATTRIBUTE FIELDS:FCODE: Unique Code for each attributeSOURCE: Captured by either 'ASC' in 1996 or 'Sanborn' in 2004 DATE_UPDATED: 04/23/2004 FCODE:Building 1810 Hidden 1811- Includes commercial, residential and industrial. Institutional 1820 Hidden 1821Tanks 1830 Hidden 1831Building Center Polygons 1840 Hidden 1841Neatline 9999 SOURCE:ASCSanbornCity DATE:19962004 COORDINATE SYSTEM:Lambert Conformal Conic, NAD83, PA South Stateplane coordinates, US Foot. THEMATIC MAPPINGUse the FCODE field for thematic mapping and labeling.
Pennsylvania Spatial Data Access (PASDA)
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States and Pennsylvania, United States
Structure and Building Roof Outlines
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Penn State
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