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Streets - Street Nodes: Philadephia, Pennsylvania

The street nodes layer represents intersections of the segments that make up the street centerline. The street centerline represents all drivable streets within the city of Philadelphia, public and private, as well some walkways that have addressed properties.Date Development:Data is derived from street centerline coverage. The data is updated in accordance with the centerline update every 2 months. Key Attribute Fields:NODE_ID-Unique identifier for each node INT_ID-Value of lowest node_id in multiple node intersections. UPDATE_-Date of most recent update to feature INTERSECTI-The intersection name as represented by the street names on two of the attached arcs. They will be the first two names in alphabetical order Coordinate System:Lambert Conformal Conic, NAD83, PA South Stateplane coordinates, US Foot.Thematic mapping:NODE_ID or INTERSECTI can be used for labels, depending on the focus of the map.
Pennsylvania Spatial Data Access (PASDA)
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States and Pennsylvania, United States
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Penn State
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