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Urbanized Area and Urban Clusters: Metro Twin Cities, Minnesota, 2000

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Census Bureau, ESRI, Metropolitan Council
The Census Bureau has completed the delineation of the Census 2000 urbanized areas (UA) and urban clusters (UC). The Census Bureau identifies and tabulates data for the urban and rural populations and their associated areas solely for the presentation and comparison of census statistical data. For Census 2000, the Census Bureau classifies as urban all territory, population, and housing units located within an urbanized area (UA) or an urban cluster (UC). It delineates UA and UC boundaries to encompass densely settled territory, which consists of: - core census block groups or blocks that have a population density of at least 1,000 people per square mile and - surrounding census blocks that have an overall density of at least 500 people per square mile In addition, under certain conditions, less densely settled territory may be part of each UA or UC. The Census Bureau's classification of rural consists of all territory, population, and housing units located outside of UAs and UCs. For more information about the 2000 Urbanized Area please go to:
Metropolitan Council, Twin Cities, Minnesota
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Minnesota, United States
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