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Network - Farm to Market: Iowa

Thematic maps displaying the Farm to Market route information for the centerline road segments in the State of Iowa. Farm-to-market roads or farm-to-market road system means those county jurisdiction intracounty and intercounty roads which serve principal traffic generating areas and connect such areas to other farm-to-market roads and primary roads. The farm-to-market road system includes those county jurisdiction roads providing service for short-distance intracounty and intercounty traffic or providing connections between farm-to-market roads and area service roads, and includes those secondary roads which are federal aid eligible. The farm-to-market road system shall not exceed thirty-five thousand miles. Source: Iowa Code Section 306.3 Establishment, Alteration, and Vacation of Highways: Definition throughout Code. f=templatesfn=default.htm See also Iowa Code Section 306.4 Jurisdiction of Systems. f=templatesfn=default.htm
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Iowa, United States
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