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Impaired Lakes on the 303(d) List of 2006: Indiana

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Indiana Department of Environmental Management, Office of Land Quality
This 2006 303(d) list of impaired lakes represents the streams, and rivers, that are eligible for the development of Total Maximum Daily Load limits. There are fields for each parameter for which the water body may be impaired. These Boolean fields allow for easy legend queries on each parameter or sets of parameters. Twenty-four listed streams that are included in the data table (indicated by 0 values for Dur_id, T_meas, Rch_date) do not have topology so that they do not show in the line features and will not query from the view or with theme queries; only table queries. All impaired streams represented by lines are contained in a separate shapefile called IMPAIRED_STREAMS_IDEM_IN. These shapefiles must be used together to view all waters listed on the 303d report.
State of Indiana
State Agencies Geospatial Data
Indiana, United States, Tippecano County, Indiana, United States, and Wabash River, Indiana, United States
Environment, Inland Waters, and Health
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