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Comprehensive Landuse 2030 : Scott County, Minnesota

2030 Comprehensive Landuse Plan for Scott County. For more information, please visit Scott County's 2030 Comprehensive Plan Implementation webpage. Zoning data falls into 1 of 12 categories: A-1 = Agricultural Preservation District A-2 = Agricultural Woodlands District A-3 = Agricultural Preservation Density District C-1 = General Commercial District I-1 = Rural Industrial District RR-1 = Rural Residential Reserve District RR-1C = Rural Residential Reserve Cluster District RR-2 = Rural Residential Single Family District RR-3 = Residential Suburban Single Family District UBR = Urban Business Reserve District UER = Urban Expansion Reserve District UERC = Urban Expansion Reserve Cluster District UTR = Urban Transition Reserve District UTR-C = Urban Transition Reserve Cluster District
ArcGIS Open Data and Minnesota Counties
Scott County, Minnesota, United States and Minnesota, United States
Planning and Cadastral
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