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Conservation Resources: Pennsylvania

This raster dataset is a compilation of three groups of data including Aquatic Resources, Terrestrial Resources, and Rarity. Several data sets were combined to create the group data sets. The following twenty-two data sets within the three groups were created through SmartConservation\xae methodology using conservation values determined by experts gathered by Natural Lands Trust. Aquatic Resources: Riparian Buffer Quality Water Quality (303d/305B) Headwaters Protection Impervious Cover 2000 Impervious Cover Change 1985-2000 Forested Water Quality Hydric Soils Floodplains National Wetlands Inventory Fish Habitat Herp (Aquatic) Habitat Terrestrial Resources: Interior Forest Habitat Slopes Contiguous Grasslands Contiguous Scrub Transitional Natural Vegetation Habitat Mammals Habitat Birds Habitat Herps (Terrestrial) Habitat Important Bird Areas Important Mammal Areas Rarity: PNDI / County Natural Areas Inventory It is one of three groups used to create an overall Conservation Resources data set. Conservation value ranges from 1 - 10 with 10 being the highest value. The three groups were added together as weighted valued as follows: Aquatic Resource (0.4695); Terrestrial Resources (0 .3305); Rarity (0.200). The resulting raster was then reclassified into 10 quantiles as follows: 10 Quantiles (with zero excluded in quantile reclassification) Old Value New Value 0.469500 - 1.263731 1 1.263731 - 2.057962 2 2.057962 - 2.852192 3 2.852192 - 3.646423 4 3.646423 - 4.440654 5 4.440654 - 5.198783 6 5.198783 - 5.848608 7 5.848608 - 6.534535 8 6.534535 - 7.328766 9 7.328766 - 9.711458 10
Natural Lands Trust
Regional & NGO Geospatial Data
Pennsylvania, United States
Imagery and Base Maps and Environment
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Penn State
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