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Shoreline Inventory - Beach Buffer: Maryland

This is a MD iMAP hosted service. Find more information on Shoreline Situation Reports (SSR) were first generated by VIMS in the 1970s to report the condition and status of the shore lands. The SSR series were published in hardcopy on a county by county basis for each of the Tidewater Virginia localities. The reports were intended to assist planners, managers, and regulators in decisions pertaining to management of coastal areas and natural resources therein. The techniques developed for Virginia's shoreline are used to create similar reports for the Maryland shoreline. Data collected describes conditions in the immediate riparian zone, the bank, and along the shore. These data should not be used for jurisdictional permit determinations beyond providing general shoreline condition or status information. These data have not been surveyed to property boundaries. Last updated: 5/17/2006Map Service Link: http://geodata. md. gov/imap/rest/services/Hydrology/MD_ShorelineInventory/MapServer/4
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Maryland, United States
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