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Infrastructure Report Geodatabase - Ownership data as of December 2012: Pennsylvania, 2014

Representation of mineral rights, leased tracts, etc. on lands managed by the Bureau of Forestry as of December 31, 2012. Updates to this dataset are ongoing and this data is not intended to be a legal representation of ownership. This data may contain inaccuracies or incomplete information. This dataset includes ownership information where a NtractN number has been assigned by the Bureau of Forestry (leased tracts and severed rights lands where the ownership of said rights has been verified). This dataset was created from several different datasets of unknown lineage. The boundaries do not exactly match the Bureau of Forestrys state forest boundary data. It is an estimate of the boundaries only and is not intended to be a legal description or depiction of boundaries. This data may contain inaccuracies or incomplete information.Ownership Type Code Values: 1=Leased Tract, 5=All Oil and Gas - No Lease, 6=Other or Unknown, 2=Severed Right, 3=Leased Storage, 7=Fee Simple - Not Leased
Pennsylvania Spatial Data Access (PASDA)
Pennsylvania, United States
Geoscientific Information, Environment, Planning and Cadastral, Ownership, Tracts, Gas, Geoscientific information, Minerals, and Planning and cadastral
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Penn State
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