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Geology by Rock Type for the Susquehanna River Basin: Susquehanna River Basin, 2006

This geology shapefile covers the entire Susquehanna River Basin (2006 boundary). It represents the merging of three state (NY, PA, MD) bedrock geology spatial datasets in order to provide basic rock types of the Susquehanna River Basin. The dominant formation lithology that appears in the attribute table were grouped into 19 general rock types, such as sandstone, shale, schist, limestone, dolomite, etc. These rock types are also categorized by hydrostratigraphic terrain. The hydrostratigraphic terrain helps to identify the way in which water flows over or through these rocks.
Pennsylvania Spatial Data Access (PASDA)
Susquehanna River, United States
Geoscientific Information, Formations, Rock type, Geoscientific information, Geology, Lithologies, and Hydrostratigraphic terrain
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Penn State
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