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Parks - Parks points: Philadephia, Pennsylvania

Points were determined by the PPR Assets layer created by the Philadelphia Parks and Recreation Department. Also, the PPR Boundaries layer was used for comparison.Data Development: Created layer with PPR Assets and PPR Boundaries layers, provided by Philadelphia Parks and RecreationOnly parks were included, see separate layer for recreation facilitiesConverted polygons to pointsKey attribute field names and descriptions:Name: Name of the asset (Park)District: District which the asset lies within. Applies to PPR DistrictsAddress: The address of the parkZipcode: The zipcode of the parkWebsite: The link to the Philadelphia Parks and Recreation website.Coordinate System:Lambert Conformal Conic, NAD83, PA South Stateplane coordinates, US Foot.Thematic Mapping:For mapping and labeling use the name fieldOther Information:N/A
Pennsylvania Spatial Data Access (PASDA)
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States and Pennsylvania, United States
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Penn State
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