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DVRPC's 2005 Topographic Contours - Bucks County: Pennsylvania, 2005

Contour lines connect a series of points of equal elevation and are used to illustrate topography, or relief, on a map. They show the height of ground above Mean Sea Level (M.S.L.). Numerous contour lines that are close together indicate hilly or mountainous terrain; when far apart, they represent a gentler slope. This data set consists of breaklines, mass points, and contours at a five foot interval for the 5-county, Pennsylvania portion of DVRPC's region in ESRI Personal Geodatabase format (Pennsylvania State Plane coordinate system, NAD83).
Pennsylvania Spatial Data Access (PASDA)
Pennsylvania, United States
Imagery and Base Maps, Elevation, Control points, Elevation contours, Contours, Dtm/dem, Topographic contours, and Spot elevations
Contributed by:
Penn State
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