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Philadelphia Parks - Older Adult Center points: Philadelphia, 2016

Points indicating the locations of Older Adult Centers in PPR buildings and/or staffed by PPR employees. Some of the centers are located within facilities that are also Recreation Centers.DATA DEVELOPMENT:Point data was derived by geocoding addresses gathered from Philadelphia Parks & Recreation staff.KEY ATTRIBUTE FIELDS:Center: Name of featureAddress: Address of featureType: Type of Older Adult CenterPhone: Phone number of centerWeb: url wherre more info can be foundSite: PPR site name of location where center isCOORDINATE SYSTEM:Lambert Conformal Conic, NAD83, PA South Stateplane coordinates, US Foot.THEMATIC MAPPING:Use the CENTER field for thematic mapping and labelingOTHER INFORMATION:N/A
Pennsylvania Spatial Data Access (PASDA)
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States and Pennsylvania, United States
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Penn State
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