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National Wetland Inventory Points: Indiana

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United States Fish and Wildlife Service and Bernardin-Lochmueller & Associates
WETLANDS_NWI_POINT_IN is a point shapefile that contains features of wetlands, lakes, ponds and other water resources in Indiana counties. Point features are used to represent areas which may be small to be represented by a polygon. These layers are compiled from the National Wetland Inventory. This layer is intended for use with its companion layers of Wetland polygons and Wetland lines. National Wetland Inventory metadata, USFWS, states - "NWI digital data files are records of wetlands location and classification as defined by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service. This dataset is one of a series available in 7.5 minute by 7.5 minute blocks containing ground planimetric coordinates of wetlands point, line, and area features and wetlands attributes. Wetland Attributes follow the Cowardin Classification System (1979). The digital data as well as the hardcopy maps that were used as the source for the digital data are produced and distributed by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service's National Wetlands Inventory project."
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Indiana, United States
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