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Hibernia regnum vulgo Ireland; Amstelodami, Apud Ioannem Ianssonium.; Hibernia regnvm vulgo Ireland

Jansson, Jan, 1588-1664.,Jansson, Jan, 1588-1664. Appendix Atlas.,Vignaud, Henry, 1830-1922, former owner.
Relief shown pictorially. Scotland and England are mostly blank, but labeled with some coastal cities, rivers, and their respective coats of arms (a lion for Scotland, three lions for England). Title cartouche is topped with crowned Irish coat of arms (harp), and above that another coat of arms with a crowned lion and a unicorn at its sides. Includes illustrations of ships and a sea monster in the ocean, and the scale is held aloft by two cherubim, one of whom also holds a paddle. This state was published in atlases by Jan Jansson in 1636, 1637, and 1680. From the Jansson Appendix Atlas 1636-1680, title created to represent a unique collection within the Clark Library, University of Michigan. 1 map: 38 x 48 cm. This map is in the public domain. Please attribute access and use of this digitized map to the Stephen S. Clark Library, University of Michigan Library.
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