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Planned Transitway Stations: Metro Twin Cities, Minnesota

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This dataset depicts the location and development status of planned transitway stations that are along a transitway in the 2040 Transportation Policy Plan. Currently, the file includes planned stations locations for those transitways where stations have been identified through a local process including: Southwest LRT (Green Line Extension), Bottineau LRT (Blue Line Extension), Cedar Avenue BRT Future Stages (Red Line), I-35W BRT (Orange Line), Gateway BRT (Gold Line), Red Rock BRT, and planned C Line Arterial BRT stations. Stations and station points are placed at locations that generally represent the latest official project action by the lead agency. For transitways in early design, this could be as generalized as a point at the intersection and this file is not a guarantee of future station locations until they are under construction or in operation. The point dataset was created by using heads-up digitizing referencing aerial photography. When transitway construction is completed and service begins, the stations will move from this file to TransitwayStations (existing). Additional Notes: -Rachel Wiken is main contact for stations which are not part of the ABRT System. ABRT Station locations are managed by: Katie Roth Senior Planner Metro Transit BRT/Small Starts Project Office 707 16th Avenue S Minneapolis, MN 55454 612-349-7772 - Downtown Minneapolis and Saint Paul BRT station locations have yet to be determined. Stations shown are conceptual.
Metropolitan Council, Twin Cities, Minnesota
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Minnesota, United States
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