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Oc Simultaneous Conveyance Division: Oakland County, Michigan

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Oakland County, Michigan
BY USING THIS WEBSITE OR THE CONTENT THEREIN, YOU AGREE TO THE TERMS OF USE. A spatial representation of subdivision lots and site condominium units. Individual lot and unit boundaries are compiled for subdivision and site condominium developments. Site condominium plans may include building envelopes, general common elements, and limited common elements. Oakland County delineates limited common elements and labels these polygons with the appropriate tax number. For units without a limited common element, the building envelopes are mapped and labeled with the appropriate tax number. By contrast, building condominium plans have an associated set of building plans and the units that are delineated by the building plans are not mapped. For building condominiums, only the exterior boundary of the condominium plan is compiled. In all cases, general common elements are mapped and coded accordingly, unless it is also road, in which case it is coded as road.
Oakland County, Michigan
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Oakland County, Michigan, United States and Michigan, United States
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Michigan State
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