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Storm Surge - Hurricane Storm Surge: Maryland

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This is a MD iMAP hosted service layer. Find more information at The storm surge zones data used in this application were generated using the Sea, Lake, and Overland Surges from Hurricanes (SLOSH) model. SLOSH is a computerized model run by the National Weather Service to estimate storm surge heights resulting from historical, hypothetical, or predicted hurricanes. The model creates its estimates by assessing the pressure, size, forward speed, track, and wind data from a storm. Graphical output from the model displays color-coded storm surge heights for a particular area. The calculations are applied to a specific locale's shoreline, incorporating the unique bay and river configurations, water depths, bridges, roads, and other physical features. This file is generated as part of the Hazards Analysis within the Hurricane Evacuation Study for the Maryland Western Shore. Last Updated: 11/1/2016
State of Maryland
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Maryland, United States
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