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Snow Emergency Grant Tags: Minneapolis, Minnesota, 2015

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MapIT Minneapolis
This is the information about the number and location of tags (parking tickets) during this snow emergency. Tag data will be retained for all Snow Emergencies in each snow season, until there is five full seasons of snow emergencies. Disclaimer: At this point we only have the tag data enclosed for day 2 and day 3 the snow emergencies. Day 1 tag data is collected manually and is not available at this time electronically. There is also an expected address error rate of between 5 and 10 percent.Snow Emergency Tags 2015/2016 Season #1 Grant (12/29/15 thru 12/31/15) Field Name Field Type Field Description Citation Double 15 Citation Number Date Date Citation Date Address Text 254 Address of the citation X_Coord Double 15 X Coordinate - Geocode Y_Coord Double 15 Y Coordinate - Geocode Ordinance Text 254 Snow Emergency Parking Ordinance Ordinanc_1 Text 254 Snow Emergency Parking Ordinance Description Ward Double 15 Ward Location Neighborho Text 254 Neighborhood Location Community Text 254 Community Location Day_ID Text 254 Snow Emergency Day Identifier
City of Minneapolis, Minnesota
Municipalities Geospatial Data
Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States and Minnesota, United States
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