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Indiana Districts for the 111th Congress: Indiana

United States Census Bureau and Indiana Geological Survey
The following is excerpted from an online document produced by the U.S. Census Bureau pertaining to cartographic boundary files of congressional districts: "Congressional districts (CDs) are the 435 areas from which people are elected to the U.S. House of Representatives. After the apportionment of congressional seats among the states, based on census population counts, each state is responsible for establishing CDs for the purpose of electing representatives. Each CD is to be as equal in population to all other CDs in the state as practicable. The CDs in effect at the time of Census 2000 were those of the 106th Congress, whose session began in January 1999. The boundaries were identical to those reflected in the 107th CD boundary files. The CDs for the 103rd Congress (January 1993 to 1995) were the first to reflect redistricting based on the 1990 census. The 103rd CDs remained in effect through Census 2000, except where a state initiative or a court-ordered redistricting required a change. Six states redistricted for the 104th Congress (Georgia, Louisiana, Maine, Minnesota, South Carolina, and Virginia), five states redistricted for the 105th Congress (Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, and Texas), and three states (New York, North Carolina, and Virginia) redistricted for the 106th Congress. In North Carolina the "1998 Congressional Plan A" was used for the 1998 congressional elections. It was created in response to a court ruling which held the 1997 plan, "97 House/Senate Plan A," unconstitutional. These boundaries are reflected in the 106th CD boundary files. The Supreme Court has since reversed that lower court ruling and the 1997 plan, "97 House/Senate Plan A," (reflected in the 107th CD boundary files) was used for the 2000 North Carolina congressional elections. The 108th Congress is the first to reflect reapportionment and redistricting based on Census 2000 data."
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