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Physiographic Divisions: Illinois, 2004

This is an ESRI feature class showing boundaries for physiographic divisions in Illinois. Data are originally from ISGS Report of Investigations 129 by Leighton et al., 1948. The physiographic divisions of Illinois are divided into the following: Provinces, Sections, and Divisions. (The annotations are in the companion shapefile IL_Physio_Regions_1993_Anno_Ln). Scale is 1:3,00,000 to 1:3,100,000. Central Lowland Province Ozark Plateaus Province Interior Low Plateaus Province Coastal Plain Province Wisconsin Driftless Section Great Lake Section Till Plains Section Dissected Till Plains Section Lincoln Hills Section Salem Plateau Section Shawnee Hills Section Rock River Hill Country Wheaton Morainal Chicago Lake Plain Green River Lowland Kankakee Plain Galesburg Plain Bloomington Ridged Plain Springfield Plain Mt. Vernon Hill Country
Illinois Geospatial Data Clearinghouse
Illinois, United States
Geoscientific Information and Geology
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