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Transportation Analysis Zones (Legacy TAZ System w/1,566 Zones) with Current Forecasts: Metro Twin Cities, Minnesota

This file shows the most current 2000 Transportation Analysis Zone (TAZ) system Metropolitan Council 2020-2040 forecasts for cities and townships within the 7-County Metropolitan Area and 13 adjacent counties. These forecasts are for the old TAZ system with 1,566 zones. Note:forecasts for the new official TAZ system with 3,030 zones are available in theTransportation Analysis Zones (Official TAZ System w/3,030 Zones) with Current Forecasts shapefile. IMPORTANT NOTES: These TAZ forecasts will change multiple times over the next few years. The Metropolitan Council will ask cities and townships to allocate their TAZ forecasts as part of their 2018 Comprehensive Plan Update (go to for more information about this process). Communities may also revise their current TAZ forecasts before the 2018 Comprehensive Plan Update. In the meantime, the Council provides these Current TAZ forecasts for transportation planning. If you are using TAZ forecasts for analysis and/or transportation planning, please download the latest version of this shapefile to ensure you are using the most up-to-date data. If you represent a community that wants to revise your TAZ forecasts, please contact your community's sector representative or Dennis Farmer (see contact information at the end of this document).
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Minnesota, United States
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