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Low-slope/PAMD accessible parking and field blinds: Michigan

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Michigan Department of Transportation
The Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR) does have many locations orfeatures which help or particularly benefit those public users, photographyenthusiasts, birdwatchers, or hunters who have special mobility needs andbenefit from special accessible conditions to reach our outdoor and wildliferesources. The DNR website has detailsand a wide variety of accessible, ADA compliant rules, guidelines and featuresand (see webpage,4570,7-153-10366_41825---,00.html and subpage on hunting / wildlifeinformation at,4570,7-153-10366_41825_51108---,00.html ).Users may require only walking assistance devices or may be those withspecific wheelchairs, personal assistive mobility devices (PAMDs), or othermotorized-type vehicles. Pleasecheck rules for specific rules, regulations, and restrictions as they relate towhat equipment might be used, before using such equipment, as not all equipmentlegal on public places, residential or commercial buildings, or such areallowed on all areas of Michigan's public land managed by the DNR.Accessiblefeatures on State Wildlife/Game Area include those which have low-slope, nostairs or steps along features, and are accessible for wheelchairs, or personalassistive mobility devices (PAMDs). Allbuildings, DNR Shooting-Ranges, and other permanent public use structures arefully ADA compliant and accessible. Itis the more natural features being identified in this layer. Many of these features are fully ADA codecompliant (which is ~1 inch rise or less over 12 inch distances) and areregularly checked for obstructions, while other features comply with thelow-slope requirements or are identified as such so they are not over-representedto a lower or no slope level. In naturalrustic areas it can be difficult to maintain these slope limits and to clearingcheck for naturally-occurring obstructions like leaves, sticks or othernaturally occurring items which blow or wash onto trails or outside features. Therefore, features are frequently identifiedas no-slope or low-slope/PAMD levels and not over-represented as fully ADAcompliant. 'TheDNR Wildlife Division is in a updated state-wide review to identify featuresand provide better information on accessible features, such as by GIScompatible layers provided here. Accessiblefeatures typically include accessible combinations of parking, a trail and adestination location like a platform or blind location; read the attributefields like the 'comment field, for details on what is at the provided datapoint, line or polygon. Althoughavailable for use by anyone, it's hoped consideration for use will be given tothose individuals that have limited mobility, please, for use of these accessibleparking, trails, blinds or platforms, and other features. Patience is appreciated for local siteconditions which might be caused by weather, wind or rain, wildlife or otherpublic users; please report any problems with features to either the local DNRWildlife office or the main DNR Wildlife help options (e-mail , or call 517-284-9453).
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Michigan, United States
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