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South Bend Certified Realtors: South Bend, Indiana

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Through the South Bend Certified Realtors Program, the City offers a successful program aimed at helping real-estate agents provide more in-depth information to potential buyers. The South Bend Certified Realtors Program serves to educate Realtors about South Bend's neighborhoods, economy, schools, culture and history. This up-to-date information allows them to do a better job of selling homes in our neighborhoods and assisting their buyers in making better decisions when purchasing their new homes.South Bend Certified Realtors Program is an initiative of the City made up of a committee which includes local Realtors, representatives from the colleges and universities, Indiana Landmarks, Center for History, the media and the City.This initiative promotes the neighborhoods of South Bend to residents, newcomers, the business community, universities, Realtors and builders as it:1. 'Better informs these and other groups about the South Bend's assets.2. Provides these groups with information about housing options in South Bend's lovely neighborhoods.3. Offers a list of South Bend Certified Realtors to assist new and existing employees with their housing needs.4. Presents a series of classes to various groups and the general public to educate and inform them about the City's neighborhoods.5. Sponsors events and works in collaboration with other organizations to promote housing within certain target areas of the City.For more information about the South Bend Certified Realtors Program, to find a South Bend-certified Realtor, or to become certified, contact Sue Solmos, Residential Marketing Specialist in the Department of Neighborhood Community Engagement, 574.235.5879, or
City of South Bend, Indiana
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South Bend, Indiana, United States and Indiana, United States
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