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Carpool Lots: Michigan

TheMichigan Carpool Parking Lot Program (sometimes referred to as Park and Ride)began as a pilot program in 1974 with 11 carpool parking lots. Today there areover 240 carpool parking lots located across the state providing nearly 9,000parking spaces. In addition to lots owned and maintained by MDOT, the MeijerCorporation has partnered with MDOT to provide carpool parking at several oftheir stores. Please see the MDOT Metadata Form for additional information.UpdateCycle: Carpoollots are added and updated as needed when new lots are constructed or removed.Coverage: This inventory shows allMDOT owned and operated carpool lots in Michigan along with several Meijerparking lots that provide carpool parking in partnership with MDOT.Contact: Kelcy Williams
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Michigan, United States
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Michigan State
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