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Fire Department Facilities: Philadephia, Pennsylvania

This layer contains all the facilities which belong to the Fire Department. The data includes Fire Station Number, Engine Number, Ladder Number, Battalion Chief Number, EMS Number, Specifications, and Addresses. SDE Feature Class (point) - Features updated: - Attributes updated: - Metadata updated: - Update Frequency: Key attribute field names and descriptionsField NameData TypeDescriptionFIRESTA_Long IntegerFire Station IDENGShort IntegerEngine IDLADShort IntegerLadder IDBCShort IntegerBattalion Chief IDMEDTextMedic IDSPCLTextSpecialized ApparatusSPCL2TextSpecialized ApparatusSPCL3TextSpecialized ApparatusLOCATIONTextLocationRADTextRadio BandActiveTextNot Being UsedSPCL, SPCL2, SPCL3 (Specialized Apparatus) AbbreviationsAUAir UnitD1HQDeputy 1 HeadquarterD2HQDeputy 2 HeadquarterEMSHQEMS HeadquarterFABFire Administration BuildingFMUSFire MuseumFOAMSpecialized Engine (Carrying Foam)FTAFire Training AcademyGARTSGraphic Arts DivisionGFGrass FireHAZMTHazmat UnitLTLadder TowerMASmall Marine Unit (Boat)MDMass DecontaminationMUMarine UnitPIPEPipe LinesQUINTSpecialized Engine or Ladder (Quint)RRescueSHOPMaintenance ShopSNORKSpecialized Ladder (Snork)SQRTSpecialized Engine (Squrt)SQUADSpecialized Engine (Squad)WHSEWarehouseRAD (Radio Band) AbbreviationsNRadio Band Works for North Fire SRadio Band Works for South Fire Coordinate systemLambert Conformal Conic, US foot, StatePlane Pennsylvania South, NAD 1983
Pennsylvania Spatial Data Access (PASDA)
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States and Pennsylvania, United States
Society and Fire Station
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Penn State
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