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PAMAP Spatial Energy Imagery: Pennsylvania

Half meter GSD represented in Geographic Decimal Degrees, natural color (RGB), 8-bit per band digital orthophotography for approximately 14,035 square miles in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia. The imagery was collected using the Leica Geosystems ADS40-SH51 during Fall, 2010 and Spring, 2011 at an average altitude of 4,800 meters above ground level. An auto correlated elevation model was used as vertical control. Airborne GPS/IMU was used as a basis for Analytical Aerial Triangulation (AT). Following rectification of imagery, manually placed seamlines were used to mosaic into a seamless coverage. The orthophotography is georeferenced to Geographic NAD83 decimal degrees.
Pennsylvania Spatial Data Access (PASDA)
Pennsylvania, United States
Imagery and Base Maps and Aerial
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Penn State
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