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Streets - Paving Plan 2015: Philadephia, Pennsylvania

City of Philadelphia paving plan for 2015 that displays paving project funding, City - Local Funding, City - Federal Funding, and State FundingFeatures updated: 05/01/2015Attributes updated: 05/01/2015Metadata updated 05/01/2015Update Frequency: As NeededPublic = YesLayer NameThe layers shown are query layers based off of a spatial view derived from the Streets Department paving data. The layers are:City - Local FundingCity - Federal FundingStateData Development:These layers were created through the use of a query layer within ArcGIS ArcMap. We accessed our Paving Database and created a spatial layer of the data by connecting our paving data which is in a SQL database to the City's Street Centerline layer to give the Paving data spatial context.Other options for displaying this data would be to base it off the ProjectNumber, ProjectName, or BidNumber fields. Other InformationKeep in mind the three layers you are seeing here are copies of one another and the only difference is the definition query, so each layer is based off of 1 of the 3 different funding options. In order to get a view of all the data, make sure you remove the definition query and/or append the 3 layers together in your own arcmap environment
Pennsylvania Spatial Data Access (PASDA)
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States and Pennsylvania, United States
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Penn State
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