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MHT Preservation Easements - Historical Trust Preservation Easements: Maryland

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This is a MD iMAP hosted service layer. Find more information at A historic preservation easement is a type of conservation easement designed to protect a significant historic, archaeological, or cultural resource. Easements are contractual agreements between a property owner and a holding organization. Those preservation easements with the State of Maryland are managed by the State Historic Preservation Office (The Maryland Historical Trust). Generally, the owners of the easement property agree to relinquish partial development rights, to maintain the property, to provide limited public access, and to obtain prior approval for any changes or alterations. In exchange, The Maryland Historical Trust promises to protect the property by ensuring continuous compliance with the terms of the Easement. The Trust is also available to advise owners on the correct and best methods of preserving and using their properties. For more information see http://mht. maryland. gov/easement. htmlLast Updated: 10/2016
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Maryland, United States
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