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Mineral Exploration Document Areas - Minarchive: Minnesota

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Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR)
Spatial (GIS) footprints that connect to more than 10,000 scanned mineral exploration documents indexed by the Minnesota DNR's Lands and Minerals Division between 1999-2001. The inventory was called Minarchive and resulted in a searchable website at: The GIS footprints from this project were reviewed and attributes modified in order to make certain that each footprint had a relationship to one or more online exploration documents. These footprints are being made available to assist users in their search for mineral exploration documents in GIS software and/or online web map applications. A PDF report organized by Minarchive mineral exploration area (Spatial_ID) was developed to give general information on each document as well as provide online links to download PDFs and georeferenced maps. Also included is a related GIS dataset featuring the footprints of selected Minarchive exploration documents georeferenced by the DNR between 2014-2016. This dataset has links to download the selected georeferenced maps. There are many more maps in Minarchive that can be geoferenced. Lastly included is a DNR pilot project that captured GIS data from georeferenced maps in a specific area of Northern Minnesota called the Cook Area. Data collected includes grids, bedrock outrcrops, and various point features such as drill holes or surface samples. GIS Datasets Provided (Shapefiles, Table, and File Geodatabase) 1.mineral_exploration_areas.shp - Footprints of Minarchive mineral exploration areas. 2.georeferenced_map_footprints.shp - Footprints of selected georeferenced Minarchive maps. 3.grids.shp - Cook area pilot project geophysical and geochemical grids 4.outcrops.shp - Cook area pilot project bedrock outcrops 5.points.shp - Cook area pilot project point features 6.minarchive_documents_table.dbf - Table of each indexed Minarchive document record with related footprint.
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Minnesota, United States
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February 2017
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