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Indiana Roads from INDOT and TIGER Files: Indiana

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ROADS_2015_INDOT_IN.SHP is a line shapefile of Indiana roads, as provided by the Indiana GIS Department of Transportation (INDOT), Road Inventory Section. Data were collected for the years 2006-2015. The following is excerpted from the metadata provided by INDOT for the source feature class named "ROADS": "Indiana County Log Line Inventory created as an ESRI polyline shapefile consisting of a Feature polyline geometry. The data set was compiled by Road Inventory of the Indiana GIS Department of Transportation (INDOT) . Dataset is classified as sde Feature Class. The Feature Class is projected Coordinate System: NAD 1983, UTM, Zone 16 N. The Projections is Transverse Mercator.Each County Log Line Inventory is placed as to Position.(County Log is a utilized measurement from a County Line intersecting with a Highway Network, for example Interstate, State and US. Measurement is from West to East and South to North). Position also utilizes Jurisdiction, County, Road System, Route Name and Alternative RouteCounty Log line inventory is as of 2006-2015."
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Indiana, United States
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