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Parks - Playgrounds: Philadephia, Pennsylvania

This is a point layer representing playground equipment sites that are either owned or actively maintained by Philadelphia Parks & Recreation. Not all sites fall within PP&R boundaries, some belong to other city agencies sich as the School District of Philadelphia.DATA DEVELOPMENT:Points were created by Philadelphia Parks & Recreation staff using ArcGis, aerial imagery, playground inspection reports, and referencing PWD's parcel layer and the Streets Dept's streets centerlines layer.KEY ATTRIBUTES FIELDS:Site: Name of the site where the playground equipment is locatedADDRESS: Address of the site where the playground equipment is locatedage_int: Intended age ground for playground equipment usersCOORDINATE SYSTEM:Lambert Conformal Conic, NAD83, PA South Stateplane coordinates, US Foot.THEMATIC MAPPINGUse the Site field for thematic mapping and labeling.OTHER INFORMATIONN/A
Pennsylvania Spatial Data Access (PASDA)
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States and Pennsylvania, United States
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Penn State
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