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Bridge Connections: Michigan

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The bridge connection layer is a statewide inventory of the bridge mounted signs installed on MDOT bridges, railroad bridges and local bridges within MDOT s jurisdiction. The data is used to populate the MiBridge System for bridge mounted signs inspection, for designers to determine existing bridge and bridge mounted sign information when upgrading overhead signs attached to bridges, and for contractors when performing installation of bridge mounted signs. Please see the MDOT Metadata Form for additional information. Update Cycle: Bridge Connections inventory was last updated on April 3, 2015 as part of the initial inventory conducted by a signing pre-qualified consultant, OHM. Updates are anticipated, but a schedule and time line are still being developed.Data Quality: The inventory effort utilized tablets with Trimble Terraflex software to collect the bridge connection locations, attributes, and photos. This is the final project deliverable from the consultant.Coverage: This inventory is complete in its coverage of all bridge connections on State of Michigan trunkline roads.Contact: Alonso Uzcategui
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Michigan, United States
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