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Section Lines: Ramsey County, Minnesota

This feature class contains lines that represent the Public Land Survey (PLS) for Ramsey County Minnesota. In 1985, the county began a 5 year project to modernize it's land records mapping system. The PLS layer would serve as the foundation of a computerized Land Information System. As part of the project, the County developed an accurate coordinate control base for the LIS. In mid to late 1980's , 27 existing State and Federal first order accuracy positions in Ramsey County were densified by a GPS (Global Positioning System) Network of 171 second order accuracy positions. These positions were established and recorded on existing public land survey corner monuments and accessory monuments through out the county.
Minnesota Geospatial Commons
Minnesota, United States and Ramsey County, Minnesota, United States
Planning and Cadastral, PLSS, Section lines, and Quarter section lines
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