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Land Cover Circa 1800: Michigan

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State of Michigan
Landuse circa 1800 is a statewide database for Michigan based on original surveyors tree data and descriptions of the vegetation and land between 1816 and 1856. This is a fully attributed version that contains all vegetation codes (see attribute information). The database creators recognize that there are errors in the database due to interpretation and data input. Errors of comission and omission may still exist in the current version of the database. For concerns on the use, see the limitations listed below, refer to the references provided, or call the contact for more information. Database has county codes and data in it from IDENTITY process run against the stco100 database. This provides county names and FIPS codes. Ran the ADDAREA command to add area in acres and square miles as well. Please do not redistribute this database - please have requestors contact the source. Also note the version/edition number on this database release. Any future updates or modifications will have a version/edition number assigned. All previous versions/editions should be destroyed or removed to an archive status. Version 1.0 - completed QA/QC Version 1.1 - Annotation removed from all LU1800 databases.More Metadata
State of Michigan
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Michigan, United States
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Michigan State
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