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Police Station Facilities, derived from Essential Facilities Data of the Multi-Hazard Mitigation Planning Data: Indiana

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Federal Emergency Management Agency and The Polis Center
POLICE_STATIONS_MHMP_IN.SHP is a point shapefile that shows police station facilities in Indiana. POLICE_STATIONS_MHMP_IN.SHP was derived from the shapefile named "HZPOLICESTATION.SHP," which was provided to IGS personnel by personnel of The Polis Center. This data set was derived by The Polis Center as part of several "DMA2000 Multi-Hazard Mitigation Planning" (MHMP) projects, from data of the "Hazards U.S. Multi-Hazards" (Hazus-MH MR1, v 1.1) program (data from 2003) developed by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). This data set is more complete in many counties in Indiana than the data set for essential facilities provided by FEMA with the Hazus-MH software. For more information on Hazus-MH, please see the following Web site: The following is excerpted from metadata supplied by The Polis Center for the source shapefile named "HZPOLICESTATION.SHP": "The original Hazus-MH data from 2003 has been updated for sixty seven counties as part of the DMA2000 Multi- Hazard Mitigation Planning process. Local jurisdiction planning teams provided updated police station location and attribute information to the Polis Center at IUPUI. The Polis Center used available aerial photography to place or adjust the locations of the facilities on top of the building rooftops."
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