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Watersheds Clipped to DC: Washington, D.C.

This dataset is a digital hydrologic unit boundary layer for the District of Columbia only - to the watershed (10-digit) 6th level at 1:24 It is a clipped version of the regional dataset using the DC Boundary.This data set consists of geo-referenced digital data and associated attributes created in accordance with the "FGDC Proposal0 - Federal Standards For Delineation of Hydrologic Unit Boundaries 3/01/02" The hydrologic unit boundaries provide a uniquely identified and uniform method of subdividing large drainage areas. Polygons are attributed with hydrologic unit codes An accompanying line shapefile is attributed with the highest hydrologic unit level for each hydrologic unit All DC GIS data is stored and exported in Maryland State Plane coordinates NAD 83 meters.
ArcGIS Open Data
Washington, D.C., United States
Environment, Watershed, Water, and Hydrologic
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