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Lake Erie Watershed Lidar LAS 2012 - Tile Index: Pennsylvania

TILE INDEX - 2012 Lake Erie Drainage Area (Erie, PA) Digital Orthoimagery Project - In the fall of 2012, Woolpert obtained new aerial Orthoimagery covering the entire project area (512 square miles). The aerial Orthoimagery was collected during leaf-off conditions during the fall 2012 flying season (November) at 1=100\ scale with a 6-inch pixel resolution. The Orthoimagery is being delivered as a project area wide dataset, consisting of 2,500\ x 2,500\ tiles. The file naming convention is as follows: xxxyyy (Pennsylvania North Zone); Please note that xxx and yyy represent the easting and northing coordinates (respectively) in state plane feet. Ownership of the data products resides with Penn State and the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection.
Pennsylvania Spatial Data Access (PASDA)
United States of America
Orthophotos and Imagery and Base Maps
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Penn State
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